Previns Chutneys

Truly authentic flavour / No additives / No preservatives / Suitable for vegetarians

My grandmother originates from Rajkot, in the western state of Gujarat, India and she soon moved to Nairobi, Kenya so our traditional chutney recipes are a powerful punch of Kenyan and Indian fusion flavour.

Our spicy mango chutneys are made with over 65% fresh green mangos imported from the Dominican Republic, which are marinated and cooked in British rapeseed oil and a strong pallet of spices such as paprika, fenugreek, turmeric, cinnamon and asafetida.

Our tangy lemon chutneys are made with over 65% fresh citrus lemons from the regions of Murcia in Southern Spain and are marinated and cooked in British rapeseed oil and a fine blend of pickling spices.

Our Kenyan garlic chutneys are made with fresh garlic cloves blended with spices such as coriander, cumin and chilli powder together with British rapeseed oil to give a strong, powerful taste.

Delicious with Previns naan bread or papadums and with any Previns curry products.

Choose from 6 flavours:

Spicy Mango / Sweet Mango / Spicy Lemon / Sweet Lemon / Hot Garlic / Mild Garlic

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