Previns Traditional Naan Bread

Naan is a leavened, oven baked flatbread served with curries, gravies and soups and originates from the Indian subcontinent with Middle Eastern influence. Previns tandoori style, authentic Indian flatbreads are made fresh to order and are fantastic for accompanying any of our tasty spice kits or curry masala tubs. Each naan pack contains two pre cooked naan breads to tear & share with your meal. They also make perfect bases for a quick homemade stonebake style pizza.

Previns have three main flavours of Traditional Naan Bread available in both large (320g) and medium (225g) sizes: –

Plain   /   Garlic & Coriander   /   Spicy

Shelf life of packs delivered via online order may vary depending on date of baking, date of order and date of delivery.

Please note to ensure the freshest taste this product is made fresh to order therefore please be aware this product has a lead-in time from order. All orders received will be manufactured and dispatched to you the following week between Monday & Thursday.

This product is suitable for home freezing.

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