Back in 2012, Niraj Bhatt, the founder of this pioneering Indian food brand, embarked on a journey to create Previns Fine Indian Foods.

Niraj reflects on fond childhood memories of his father Pravin, a renowned Indian musician and passionate cook, who loved creating fantastic authentic curries with fresh ingredients; “Gatherings at the family home always involved the sound of talented Indian musicians, the aroma of his father’s delicious cooking and lots of interesting people who would come from miles to taste the food and listen to the wonderful music. Word soon spread of his father’s wonderful cuisine to all his friends, family and through the community”

The family recipes, originating from Nairobi, Kenya and Gujarat, India, were passed onto Niraj when his father taught him how to cook. With all the knowledge and skill absorbed, Niraj felt he had to share these flavours with the rest of the world, and with this…Previns Fine Indian Foods was eventually born.

Here at Previns we are a family run business who strongly believe that quality ingredients make quality food. We have worked hard to develop a network of local supply chain partners to source the finest, freshest ingredients and grow a product range which delivers provenance, taste and reliability.

Our strict HACCP & SALSA quality control systems ensure we maintain the highest standards from manufacture right through to delivery onto your plate giving our customers total confidence in our brand.

We believe in our brand and support our customers by ensuring a regular calendar of in-store tasting sessions where people can meet our team and taste our range of products.

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